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We have proposed sedimented solute NMR method to prepare samples for Magic-angle-Spinning (MAS) of biomolecules without the need of crystallization or other sample manipulation. The sedimented solute NMR can be regarded as a simple way to select the best of solution and solid state NMR: the sample can be kept in the buffer that is used for the solution studies; the system is always hydrated enough and its size turns from foe to friend. Sedimentation can be achieved by the large centrifugal fields that are obtained in the MAS rotors1 or via usual ultracentrifugation2. This web tool (sedNMR) allows for simple calculation of the relevant parameters for the success of the experiment, either in the rotor or with ultracentrifugal devices.2-4
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Setup parameters
Set paramaters for: Rotor Device
Rotor radius (mm):
MAS frequency (Hz): 12000
hmax (cm): htot (cm): hfun (cm):
h1 (cm): h2 (cm): h3 (cm):
r1 (cm): r2 (cm): r3 (cm):
Centrifugation speed (rpm): 32000
Molecular weight (kDa): 100
Initial concentration (mg/ml): 30.00
Solvent density (g/ml): 0.99
Macromolecular density (g/ml): 1.23
Temperature (K): 274.00
Limiting concentration (mg/ml): 700.00
Threshold for immobilization: 0.86

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